Supporting the Health Promoters Action Team


Support the work and growth of Proyecto Salud’s community health promoters.


Support the professional growth of Proyecto Salud’s Health Promoters (HP).

  • Stimulate HP’s leadership development within our Action Team and the MLHC.
  • “Take a Health Promoter to Work Day” (professional shadowing project)
  • Stimulate the participation of MLHC members in the health promoters’ continuing education.

Guarantee the integrity of the health promoters’ voice as the model expands and reaches other sectors and systems (schools, hospitals, health departments).

  •  Active participation in the Milwaukee Health Worker Expansion project.
  • Active participation in health worker state wide network.
  • Guarantee health promoters’ voice in our action.
  • Continue to educate about Proyecto Salud’s grassroots health promoter model to partner agencies.

About the team


Contact Information for Co-Chairs