Mental Health Action Team

Date: 1/17/2013

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Disability Rights Wisconsin

Present: Luke Waldo (CHW), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Jeanette Arellano (NAMI), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Ursula Flores (TLS), Martina Gollin-Graves (MHA), Maria Guardiola (Guadalupe Head Start),  Trishla Shah (DRW), Lauren Mascari (TLS)

Approve Minutes from 12/20/12: approval via email pending edits


  • MLHC General Coalition meeting is next Thursday, January 24, 2013: Racial justice and privilege presentation to be given by Dr. Martha Barry.  MLHC Action teams will present. MHAT’s presence is important. The Education Pipeline and Latino Research teams will also present. MLHC may be pursuing an HWPP grant; a meeting is scheduled to occur February 1, 2013 for further discussion to build greater infrastructure within the coalition and build structure around the education pipeline.
  • Alverno Latino Mental Health Summit: Keystone speaker will be Hector Colon, director of Milwaukee County’s Department of Health and Human Services. Themes may include immigration, mental health, healing. No follow-up scheduled; however, attendees may be invited to MHAT’s meeting in March. Jeanette will do a write up and request assistance in editing. MHAT may benefit from direct access to registration information to encourage participation amongst attendants.  Resource table may be helpful.  Ursula is willing to compile resources including Warmline. Summit is scheduled to occur from 10:00am-2:00pm on February 23rd, 2013. Follow-up may also include the other action teams. Representatives will be asked to attend or provide information about the action teams. Concern is that the energy from the last summit faded due to lack of follow-up. Effort will be made to provide an outlet for follow-up. Potential to invite members from the Mental Health Task Force. The last Mental Health Task Force meeting occurred during the previous week. Goals of the summit are to increase awareness, address the lack of Spanish-speaking providers and create a sense of unity. Trishla, Leslie and Melissa want to be on the invitation list. Also Martina, Ursula and Lauren would like to be invited. Luke will relay list to Julie. Bulleted “wish list” will also be provided to Julie, cc Jeannette and Maria. Goal is to lead toward more participants in MHAT.
  • Mental Health Redesign and Implementation
  1. There appeared to be some miscommunication between the task force and county leadership, but the work continues to move forward.
  2. Work groups have new energy. A second effort will be made with hopes of increased transparency, clear timelines, and finalizing goals and objectives.
  3. Person-centered work group would benefit from increased diversity regarding patient contact and service delivery.
  4.  Sue Gadish, Director of Community Services at BHD: use of $200,000 toward Spanish-Speaking Peer Supports. May be an extension of Warmies.
  5. Next meeting is scheduled for January 31st, 2013 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at NAMI Greater Milwaukee.
  • Agency/Community Updates
  1. Bilingual speakers will be accepted for Wellness Recovery Action Planning Group, youth . Jeannette will translate flyer to Spanish.
  2. Lauren is taking resources for the Winter Wellness Fair.
  3. Ursula is available to assist with housing resources.
  • 2012 Review
  1. No vacation! MHAT met every month. Gabriela had perfect attendance! Trishla, Melissa, Sylvia attended 11 of 12. Ursula attended 10 of 12. Overall excellent attendance. Stacy, Julia, and Becca’s participation dropped off; however, Lauren, Maria and Lyn have started attending. Kudos to Luke for keeping track of information!
  2. Success:  Sub-committees help to delegate tasks and responsibilities. Luke will attempt to email mid-month reminders and agenda in advance of meeting for better preparation. Each month, a quick educational piece/fun fact could be provided per individual regarding Latino Mental Health or new projects.  Ursula will volunteer information for February.
  3. Challenges:  Staying on-task, not diverting from the topic may be more conducive to productivity during meetings.  Immersing in a new project and dedicating focused effort.  A lot of maintenance occurred during 2012.  Luke will make an avid effort to start promptly at 9:00 am. Please email minutes prior to month end.
  4. Impact:  Quantity of people impacted to provide reason for participation in MHAT and to explain Disability Rights Wisconsin’s involvement in the MLHC. 1000s of community members have been impacted with the resource cards and MHA resource guide (based on quantity printed). Warmline has greatly impacted our Warmies and the service will continue to grow. Additionally, the Speakers Bureau. Compile a “quick fact” sheet about work that MHAT does to use as a model for the other action teams.
  • 2013 Goals – Action Steps
  • By December 31, 2013, we will have created a sustainable Spanish Warmline by: having fixed processes for on-going trainings, monthly meetings with the “warmies”, and recruitment of more Spanish-speakers to participate in subsequent trainings. We will also continue to increase exposure of Warmline by further marketing the program.” Subcommittee of Gabriela, Jeanette, Leslie, Lyn, Melissa and Sylvia will determine if additional language is needed regarding support to the “warmies” in the goal statement.
  1.  Action steps: Refine goals
  2.  Identify and contact churches in the community
  3.  Social media: Children’s Hospital researched liability and disclaimer regarding Facebook group for parents and young adults ages 18-25. Since it is social media, there is no liability involved. Confidentiality is only broken in accordance with Wisconsin’s reporting laws. Facebook does not have a disclaimer; however, posts about suicidal ideation will be taken seriously and taken off of the site. A closed group requires that individuals are invited to join and first approved by an administrator. An individual is required to complete an intake form, provide an emergency contact and agree to a statement regarding confidentiality and grief, a permanent and current address, and support contact prior to acceptance to the closed group. Advertising and promotion may occur without having replies to prevent liability issues. Nicole is willing to be a resource for Facebook youth group issues. Would there be more engagement with Facebook? Subcommittee tasked to discuss regarding Facebook engagement.
  4.  Like us on Facebook! MLHC.  Add Warmline flyer.
  • “By December 31, 2013, the Speakers Bureau will have a presentations database and will offer presentations to local schools that serve Latino Youth.” Subcommittee: Luke and Martina.
  1.  Martina has delegated responsibilities to another staff member at MHA. Increased numbers may be used for reporting purposes. Presentations should be emailed to Luke for future distribution.
  2.  Jeanette did a presentation for a Parent Teacher Organization at Longfellow. We must be mindful of the coordinators. Example: Bipolar disorder and another disorder were perceived to be the same. It is important to brief coordinators prior to presentation to ensure coherence of provided information. Also, be prepared with resources and to answer questions.
  3. Submit presentations.
  4. Work with Latino Youth Subcommittee to identify potential target schools.
  • “By December 31, 2013, we will have maintained and expanded our website and use of social media.” Subcommittee: Jeanette, Izzy and/or Leslie, Lindsey, Trishla
  1.  Increase visibility; determine responsibilities and various purposes for websites/Facebook, etc.
  • “By December 31, 2013, we will have increased awareness of mental health and decreased mental health stigma with Latino youth in Milwaukee by developing relationships and collaborating with local schools that serve this population.” Subcommittee: Jeanette, Lauren, Martina, Melissa
  1.  Identify 2-3 schools and organizations that serve Latino youth.
  2.  Develop relationships with those schools/organizations.
  3.  Offer Speakers Bureau services.
  4.   Identify individuals that could advise MHAT as youth leaders.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Minutes completed and submitted by Lauren Mascari.

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.