Date: November 15th, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM

Location of Meeting: Disability RightsWisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Present: Luke Waldo (CHW), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Trishla Shah (DRW), Lauren Mascari (TLS), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Lyn Malofsky (Warmline), Ursula Flores (TLS), Jim Feagles (LaCausa), Lindsey Schaaf (Aurora/La Causa), Sylvia Cortez (MCBHD), Martina Gollin-Graves (MHA), Jeannette Arellano (NAMI), Maria Guardiola (Guadalupe Head Start/Alverno)

A. Introductions and check-in

B. Sylvia approves minutes.

C. Announcements:

Next month Gabriela Dieguez will join the Steering Committee.  Meeting with Dr. Levas from MCW to discuss grant options for MLHC.

January there will be a general coalition meeting.  Save the date to be sent soon.  Martha Berry from YWCA will give a presentation about privilege.

Redesign meeting at TLS Tuesday 11/20/12 at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Martina will forward information about poverty reduction study in Wisconsin.

Alverno will have a Latino Mental Health Summit –!Hablando Claro!- in February first organization meeting will be 11/15/12 6 to 7 p.m.  Jeannette will attend meeting.

TLS has a pharmacy led by pharmacists PhDs. Services available to the public.

NAMI annual walk planning committee meeting 11/28/2012 @ 6 p.m. at NAMI

Winter Wellness Fair Jan 18th- Lauren TLS is organizer and interested in having more people from community to share information about services.

Panadanza and Capoeira presentation open to the public BYO Studio Lounge this Friday at 7 p.m.

Jim Feagles provided information about some of the services that La Causa provides to youth and shared fliers.

D. 2012 Goals – Action Steps

a. Warmline

-Subcommittee: Gabriela, Leslie, Melissa, Sylvia, Jeannette and Lyn Malofsky

In order to expedite work and follow more sustainable model that Warmline already has.  Sylvia suggests a more formal commitment for better communication.  Members will decide if they will meet and how they will improve communication.  Lyn reports that Warmline continues to be excited about having Spanish services.  For Warmline it is about building community.  Lyn will prefer to have more calls before more people are trained.   Lyn looking into finding a computer in case that Facebook idea is implemented.  A good night is three calls.  Ursula volunteered herself to update poster and print more.  Proposal to pilot a weeknight.  Lyn reports that warmies are checking messages and there is a protocol to respond to those calls.  Proposal to add a sentence to phone message that directs emergency calls to 911 or 257-7222.


Facebook – Ursula will review small print in Facebook in regards to liability issues.  Martina will provide contact of person preparing Facebook for teenage suicide.  Ursula will also ask about age restrictions.  Trishla will ask lawyer at DRW.  Melissa contacted NASW.  Gabriela – member- followed up but has gotten no answer.  Gabriela asked two lawyers a query on a lawyer’s blog was placed.  Lyn will consult with insurance carrier about restrictions to use Warmline.

No updates from LaGran D.  Subcommittee will need to address issue and create action steps.  Lyn will prefer to wait until the current model is tried for more time.

OTHER – Idea of contacting churches to have announcements.  Ursula can contact Fr. Carlos at POP.  Gabriela can contact Fr. Jose Moreno at Guadalupe and priest at San Adalbert.

b. Spanish Resource Cards MHA/MHAT Martina has new cards ready; they can be picked up at 600 W. Virginia.

E. 2013 Goals Proposals

a.  Spanish Warmline will function within a sustainable model: -Finding nights that work best. -Training protocol that does not require last minute work to find interpreters.  – Lyn explains that Warmline is in support of Spanish services and MCBHD has interest in its continuation. Subcommittee: Gabriela, Leslie, Melissa, Sylvia, Jeannette and Lyn Malofsky

b.  Speakers Bureau uses MHA data base to hold information.   Subcommittee: Luke, Martina

c.  Social Media  Subcommittee: Jeanette (MKE123), Lindsey, Trishla, Leslie? or Izzy

d.  Work with Latino youth- Subcommittee: Melissa, Lauren, Martina

Call to refine goals for 2013 by December 14th, 2012

Next meeting: Thursday, December 20, 2012 at Disability Rights Wisconsin

Minutes completed and submitted by Gabriela Dieguez

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