Date: August 16, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Location of Meeting: Disability Rights Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Present: Trishla Shah (Disability Rights Wisconsin), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Luke Waldo (Children’s Hospital), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Ursula Flores (TLS), Lauren Mascari (TLS), Martina Gollin-Graves (MHAW), Sylvia Cortez (BHD)

B. Approve Minutes – Motion by Martina Gollin-Graves, second by Luke Waldo   Edits to previous meeting: Location of Meeting: TLS Behavioral Health.  Motion to approve minutes by Ursula Flores.

C. Announcements

a. Ursula volunteered to take minutes during next meeting

  • Suggestion: Official Secretary & Treasurer

b. Steering Committee Update:

  • Transition from 2011-2012 saw many long-time steering committee members step down and new members step in.  The team currently consists of Virginia Zerpa-Uriona, Luke Waldo, Stephanie Calloway, Toni Rivera-Joachin, Dina Garcia, and Nicole Robinson.
  • Stephanie Callaway recently stepped down due to upcoming maternity leave.  Steering is currently looking to replace her and may do so from within CORE/El Centro/Proyecto Salud.
  • If new action teams are successful, chairs from each team would represent them on the steering committee.
  • Summer General Coalition Meeting’s Goal: increase participation of MLHC members; share MLHC’s 2012-2013 goals and inspire action from members to accomplish those goals; bring together professionals and ideas around four priority topics; create action teams around those four priority topics.
  • Next Steps: Invite members to participate in action teams in September; identify potential chairs from each action team.
  • Next General Coalition Meeting: late January 2013 to check-in with action teams, provide progress report, provide level of accountability and discuss 2013 goals.

c. Agency announcements

  • Martina: Prevent Suicide Coalition has money available to print resource cards targeting Latino Youth, between 1500-2000 cards or up to $1000.
  • Most recent card available online on MHAW, will be converted to PDF file, Kara INA coordinator will update PDF.
  • Ursula reviewed resource card on Bienestarmilwaukee.com
  • Gabriela will call all phone numbers on card to confirm they are still current.
  • Trishla: Legal Action of Wisconsin does not do any family law unless referral received from Sojourner Family Peace Center.  Guardianship Support Center no longer exists
  • Centro Legal, Nonprofit Legal Services of Southeastern Wisconsin and Self-Help Center in Milwaukee County Court House continue to exist for assistance with family law; however, charges may be incurred.  Trishla will email link and hours. Small Claims Self-Help Clinic also available, one-day per week for Spanish Speakers.
  • Lauren: TLS fest, opportunity to sponsor and have company logo/name printed on shirts
  • Trishla: today meeting with Spanish Center (currently Council for Spanish Speaking) Centro Hispano, Civic Engagement Coordinator, Latino Roundtable regarding voter engagement.
  • 13% of Hispanic population votes, sign-up to become bilingual special registration deputy training August 27, 2012 at 5:30pm at Centro Hispano Milwaukee on 6th and National Ave.
  • Candidate forum in March 2012 Washington Park, candidates were ill-spoken regarding minority issues, need to educate community members and impact
  • MHAT members should continue to send agency updates, community events, etc. to Luke for redistribution to larger MHAT and MLHC groups.
    • Luke’s frequency of contact is appropriate for MHAT members.
    • MHAT mailing list consists of 58 members, around 15-20 attend meetings occasionally and 10-12 represent the core team.
    • Possible goal: e-mail 1-2 key monthly events.
    • Stabilization House North Side Location: Open House August 30, 2012 3:00-5:30 pm, address will be emailed.
    • Housing Issues – lacking literacy or cognitive impairment for Spanish Speakers. Ursula available for case-by-case basis. NAMI, OurSpace, and MHA available for support/assistance.

D. 2012 Goals – Action Steps

a. Warmline

  • Gabriela contacted Conquistador: $250 ad per week/per issue. Need ¼ page black and white.  Lauren will email Luke and Gabriela this evening for review.
  • La Gran D, Jorge Perez: Radio update: Station may be interested in developing PSA with MHAT regarding Warmline. Need to schedule an appointment with Jorge’s boss to pitch the idea.  We may want to highlight Comorbidity. Martina and Gabriela/Leslie in addition to Warmie will present the ideas.
  • El Sol: Warmie can get an ad for $150. Ad is being developed to include a testimonial.
  • 91.7: PSA time available. Will wait for ad from La Gran D.

b. Speakers Bureau – No updates at this time.

c. www.bienestarmilwaukee.com

  • Administrator will by Isabel.  Please send any changes to Luke first.
  • Please review website for any edits, email Luke to compile list of edits.
  • No longer housed on MLHC website. WordPress was too restrictive.  Luke will update link.  Martina will email more fact-sheets to add to website.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 20, 2012 at Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Minutes completed and submitted by Lauren Mascari.

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.