June 21, 2012

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Disability Rights Wisconsin

Present: Leslie Davis (Walker’s Point), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Sylvia Cortez (MCBHD), Luke Waldo (CHW), Ursula Flores (TLS), Lauren Mascari (TLS), Trishla Shah (DRW), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Martina Gollin-Graves (MHA)

Approval of previous meeting minutes: Motion by Sylvia and Lauren.

A. Announcements

1. Sylvia will take minutes at next MHAT meeting.

2. Sylvia has a new job role as coordinator of Crisis Services at MCBHD.

3. Several people have stepped up to serve as co-leader of MHAT.  There will be a vote to elect the next co-leader to fill the position of Sylvia who is stepping down.

4. Next MHAT meeting to be moved to Thursday, July 26th.

5. Lauren is working on new, updated flyer for Spanish Warmline.

6. Recommendation was made for new CRC for northside to be established with Community Advocates.

7. Update on peer support grant to be tabled.

8. Discussion to be had about wraparound, case management support for individuals.

9. General Coalition Meeting on June 28th – encourage all MHAT members to attend to be introduced to the audience so to highlight the work that has been accomplished by MHAT. 

B. Disability Benefit Specialist Program – Lisa Foley with DRW

1. State funded program available in most of the counties in WI.  Ages 18-59.  For those older, elderly specialist program.  Started two years ago.  Was housed at Coggs at Disability Resource Center.  Need advocacy to get Spanish-speaker.  Provides free assistance to people who identify as having a disability – physical, mental, developmental, substance abuse – does not have to be documented disability. No income limit.  Can assist with Medicaid, SSDI, SSI, Medicare, Prescription Drug Assistance, Foodshare, Insurance Issues, Housing and Utility Issues – if denied public housing -Veterans’ Benefits. 

2. 80% of the work that benefit specialists do is related to disability cases for SSI, SSDI.  Assist with the appeals process.  Collaborate with the Disability Determination Bureau.

3. Provide home visits to people who cannot leave their home. 

4. Attorneys provide legal support to benefit specialists.  If individual has been turned down by two private attorneys, DBS attorney will review and consider taking the case.

5. Receive updates on changes to state and federal benefits. 

6. Language line is used for individuals who do not speak English.

7. Call 414-289-6660 and ask to speak with a disability benefit specialist.

C. 2012 Goals

1. One new Warmie was trained for Spanish Warm Line.  We now have 8 total Spanish-speaking Warmies.  Requested one Warmie per shift.  We still need more promotion/advertisements of Spanish Warm Line.  Pledge to do major outreach to providers, interpreters, MLHC members, place flyers in stores, etc.  To be discussed further at next MHAT meeting.

2. Luke and Stephanie to meet in the next several weeks to get Speakers’ Bureau up and running on website.

3. Bienestarmilwaukee website in progress.  Start thinking about what should be added to this website.

4. General Coalition Meeting – have identified four very broad topic ideas that are significant to the Latino community. 

5. Will highlight the accomplishments of MHAT so to give new MLHC members an idea of the work that is done through MHAT and MLHC.  Will highlight bienestarmilwaukee website, Spanish Warm Line, the resource card, Speakers Bureau, collaboration with Nursing’s Voice.

Next meeting: Thursday, July 26, 2012 at Transitional Living Services

Minutes completed and submitted by Melissa Waldo.

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.


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