May 17, 2012

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00-10:30am

Location: Disability Rights Wisconsin

Present: Trishla Shah (DRW), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Leslie Davis (WPC),  Sylvia Cortez (Milwaukee County BHD), Jeanette Arellano (NAMI), Katherine Valentyn (Council for the Spanish Speaking), Ursula Flores (TLS), Izzy Elliot

Approval of previous meeting minutes: Motioned by Melissa Waldo and Katherine Valentyn

III.    Announcements

  • Melissa takes minutes next meeting.
  • Southside FQHC for next meeting.  Martina and Luke not present.
  • Youth Mental Health Summit- more youth could have been reached.  Two days of activities.  Some clients that attended said it was a healing experience.   60 youth attended. Barbara Beckert sent an e-mail in regards to the follow up meeting June 13th afternoon –  youth seemed very interested in doing action work.
  • ALAS workshop needs a speaker about sexuality.  Maria Barker from Planned Parenthood will be the contact to have a health promoter.
  • NAMI – Peer Support Grant – lack of confirmation on how money will be allocated.
  • Steering Committee:  June 28th– MHAT will be the guide in regards to how to motivate other people to participate more actively.
  • Leslie Davis went to Nursing’s Voice meeting — heavy hitters at the meeting.  Leslie talked about how nurses can be part of mental health in regards to psychoeducation, relaxation and other ways.  Leslie stressed that in Latino community there is a lack of providers and other health workers can participate in mental health.
  • Lauren covered interviews for Warmline.  Three women were accepted and are training.  Six of the seven women participated in the monthly meeting. Not many calls are coming in.  Policy is that phone line should be open even if only one person shows.  Phone message was checked and will be updated by Sylvia.   Jeannette will update the flyer.  Head Start will put flyers on boards.  Gabriela will attend 5/22 training;  Melissa will attend 5/29.
  • June 21st opening of Walkers Point new building Clock Shadow building 3 p.m.
  • Council for Spanish Speaking will hire bilingual health coordinator.
  • NAMI Walk on Saturday May 19th from 9:30 to 2 p.m. Veterans Park.  June 8th Public Allies term is ending for Jeannette, she will have June 8th presentation at 10 a.m. at UW School of Continuing Ed. in Grand Avenue Mall.
  • County assigned two clinicians to the Access Clinic.  Sylvia’s responsibilities will change. MHAT will need a new co- leader.  Luke’s term will end in 2013.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness- Women of Color May 25th, 2012. 
  • Men’s group – English at TLS starting Friday 5/17. 

IV.    2012 Goals – Action Steps

  • Community Based Behavioral Activation for Latinos with Depression- Men’s group has finished. UWM is completing follow up interviews.  UWM might come back in a year to share data.  BA is currently training 6 therapists at SSCHC.
  • Warmline see above.
  • Speakers Bureau- Martina and Luke not present.
  • Bienestarmilwaukee.com- Trishla, Leslie and Izzy will meet after meeting to see how to rearrange the website. Looked at what we have on the website currently and discussed ideas of using tabs and organizing website so it is more friendly.  Content at this time will not be informtiaon that changes too often.

V.  MLHC Member Engagement

  • Invited by other people
  • Strong interest in the topic
  • Specific focus
  • Statistical information about the Latino needs: school drop out, pregnancy, education, criminal, domestic violence, trauma – violence in the community
  • What is lacking in the community?
  • E-mail ideas to Ursula about your reasons to continue participating in MHAT.

Next meeting: Thursday, June 21st, 2012 from 9:00-10:30am, Disability Rights WI (NEW LOCATION FOR 2012)

Minutes completed and submitted by Gabriela Dieguez.

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.