October 20, 2011

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Center for Urban Population Health-Community Education Room

Present: Luke Waldo (Children’s Hospital and Health System), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC) Jeanette Arellano (NAMI), Sylvia Cortez (Milwaukee County Behavioral Health), Leslie Davis (Walker’s Point), Ursula Flores (Transitional Living Services), Cara Hansen (Mental Health America), Rachel Reinders (University Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Trishla Shah (Disability Rights Wisconsin), Kathryn Valentyn (Centro Hispano), Becca Sniderman (Consumer Advocate)

Approval of previous meeting minutes.  Motion by Ursula Flores and Trishla Shah.

Sylvia Cortez volunteered to take November’s minutes.

A. Announcements

  • Virginia Zerpa-Uriona(MLHC) was persistent and obtained a meeting date for the MLHC to meet with the Health Commissioner. Luke was unable to attend, but reported the meeting went well, based off of the meeting minutes.  There was a clear request for the MLHC to work with the Health Department in the near future.  There appeared to be obstacles for MHD to hiring bilingual staff.  MLHC also inquired about increased services at the South Side Health Center due to the result of an increase of Latinos in the community.  The final request was an inquiry to see how the MLHC and Health Commissioner can collaborate in the future.  Commissioner Baker was invited to February’s meeting with the Coalition.  Luke agreed to take any questions or concerns to the Coalition at the next meeting. 
  • Sylvia Cortez reported on the Latino Family Expo, to take place October 28th & 29th at the Wisconsin State Fair.
  • Trishla Shah and Martina Gollin-Graves attended the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, at Café el Sol early October.  The cost of the luncheon is $5.00.
  • Trishla Shah circulated a flier on Spanish Patient Advocacy.  The Center for Patient Partnerships helps Clients understand diagnoses, medical bills, public benefits, etc.  The service provides interpreters and is a good resource.
  • Kathryn Valentine distributed fliers regarding Bilingual Guadalupe Early Head Start for pregnant women, infants and toddlers, birth to three.
  • Jeanette Arellano will be coordinating an ofrenda for UCC to support services.  As packets of information from different agencies are collected, a count will be done as the packets are distributed to the public.  Deadline is October 28th.  Jeanette’s telephone number was distributed as well (please contact team members for contact information).
  • Luke Waldo informed the Team that Julia Lechuga has been pulled away as a result of travel for her employer, and will be attending meetings as she is available.

B. MHA Resource Card

  • Cara joined the Team Meeting to review the list of agencies/services on the resource card.  Initial draft and edits are to be submitted to Trishla Shah, with final edits to be submitted to Cara from Trishla by October 31st.  Many team members volunteered to contact those agencies in question, to confirm bilingual capabilities.  Cara will follow up on funds for additional printings with Kristina Finnel, MHA’s CEO.  There has been talk of reaching out to other agencies and selling advertising on the back of the card for additional funding for reprints.  Contact Cara at cara@mhawisconsin.org.

C.  Warmline

  • Jeanette Arellano went to Warmline’s in-service this month and there were reports that the women would love to co-present with Jeanette in the future.  With continued persistence for advertising from the volunteers, there is a push for promotion to obtain callers.  Leslie Davis is working with LaGranD Radio Programming in hopes of broadcasting the Spanish Warmline.  Sylvia Cortez will continue to promote by visiting area hospitals and continuing to urge colleagues to circulate the flier created for Warmline.

D.  Calendar

  • Luke Waldo requested all Team Members attempt to view the Google Calendar created for the Team with the goal that it will assist the Team in scheduling in-services, sign-ups, and awareness.

E.  Goals

  • A review of objectives for the Team was done, with goals and accomplishments listed.  The task for all Team Members is to brainstorm goals for support, collaborations that align with workloads.  This subject item will be addressed at length at November’s meeting.

Next meeting: Thursday, November 17th, 2011 from 9:00-10:30am, CUPH

Minutes completed and submitted by Ursula Flores.

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.