August 18, 2011

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Center for Urban Population Health-Community Education Room

Present: Luke Waldo (Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition), Sylvia Cortez (Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division), Gabriela Dieguez (Sixteenth Street Community Health Clinic), Leslie Davis, Marcel Tassara (Marquette University), Ursula Flores (Transitional Living Services), Melissa Waldo (Sixteenth Street Community Health Clinic), and Trishla Shah (Disability Rights Wisconsin).

A. Minutes are approved from last meeting

B. Announcements

  • Trishla taking minutes today
  • Gabriela will be taking them for the next meeting
  • NAMI Letter—sample letter is available Luke will contact and use the letter explaining who we are to be included with that letter of support.
  • UMOS LRC fundraiser will be occurring tomorrow.
  • Open House follow-up meeting with Bevan Baker will occur next month, but Steering Committee will be meeting next month.  Video from the meeting is on the website.  Summary of discussion is also available.  Want to address the limitations of the Health Department.  Want to partner with the mayor and the health commissioner to work on these issues.
    • If there are any questions concerns or things to address please email Luke by Monday, August 22, 2011.
  • Martina has a concern about the Mental Health Redesign and our involvement
    • Sub-committee—Community Linkages- Ursula was invited to participate, but has not yet received an appointment—does MLHC MHAT support her representing us there and issues that we can bring?  Police education is a big part of this committee. Ursula to send team a copy of “call to action” letter so that everyone is aware of the subcommittees and topics of discussion.
    • Important to address issues and concerns of the Latino Community
  • Leslie and telephone call from La Gran D—support of MLHC
    • PSA-Warmline, other events, etc.
    • Radio show-he did not see the proposal
    • Referral from Martina, heart/integrity and hard to say no to
    • What about using the Warmies to participate in the show due to all of our other obligations
    • Want to invite him to a meeting to get a better idea—MLHC MHAT supports looking for more information

C. Use of the Google Calender

  • Luke will send it out again, it should be easier than Atrium
  • Inform Luke if we have any troubles with it.

D. Warmline

  • There has not been one single call since 4-5 weeks ago.
  • Taking responsibility of promoting beyond Leslie and Gabriela.
  • More promotion needed-Leslie to get us the English Version as well
  • Constantly update the flyer and will be adding a second night—can it be done by Fiesta   to widely circulate the flyers
  • We have the capacity to receive voicemails and return calls: need to set-up the voicemail (Leslie will get info to Sylvia for possible set-up assistance).
  • Radio Announcements possible.
    • Marcel Tassara to check with 91.7
    • One works for  El Sol will talk with them
  • In-services every month Mondays 2-3:30pm-how to make this happen: Skype, You Tube, Record it
    • Each of us to provide an in-service for the Warmies: if it can happen with them
    • September 13th-14th Sylvia will be conducting the next one
    • They want stories and want to ask questions: very informal setting

E. Upcoming Events and Sign-up

  • Fiesta Mexicana
    • Friday 12pm-6pm
    • Saturday (see Google Calendar)
    • Sunday (see Google Calendar)
    • TRI-Fold Displays-Mexican Fiesta
      • Ursula to find out if MCFI Marketing will be donating time and materials
      • Cannot pay the contractor for these services, but we can pay a business
      • Sylvia to donate one tri-fold & tub to use
    • Luke will send the calendar sign-up—put your telephone number in
    • Sylvia will pick-up tickets for everyone and get them to look
    • Trishla to check to see if her boom box with headphones
    • Gabriela to check on storage
  • Milwaukee Street Soccer
    • Luke will send out email September 10th & 11th –please sign up

    Next MHAT Meeting: Thursday September 15, 2011 from 9:00am-10:30am at CUPH – Community Education Room

    Minutes submitted by Trishla Shah

    The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.