May 19, 2011

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Center for Urban Population Health-Community Education Room

Present: Trishla Shah (Disability Rights of Wisconsin), Sylvia Cortez (Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division), Leslie Davis (Walker’s Point), Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Ursula Flores (Crisis Resource Center), Martina Gollins-Graves (MHA), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Becca Sniderman (Consumer Advocate), Stacy Grams (UCC), Lisa Calabrese (UCC)

Approval of  previous meeting minutes (Motion by Luke Waldo and Leslie Davis)

A.  Announcements

  • Ursula Flores has volunteered to take minutes at next meeting.
  • Welcome and congratulations to our new MHAT co-leader, Sylvia Cortez!
  • Julia Lechuga (not present at meeting) had planned to attend Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon on 5-11.  We will receive an update on this at the next MHAT meeting that Julia attends.  Trishla Shah and Ursula Flores have agreed to attend the luncheon on 7-13.
  • SSCHC Diabetes Department will have a table at Fiesta Mexicana from August 26th – August 28th.  They have invited MHAT to join to present mental health materials.  To be discussed at future MHAT meeting: what type of information to be presented.
  • Trishla Shah had previously volunteered to manage the bienestarmilwaukee webpage if able to receive training on website programming.  Discussion about who could assist in training – Non-Profit Center, Volunteer Center, Milwaukee Time Exchange, a family member or friend of MHAT member?
  • The Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition has a new home!  It is now housed at the Council for the Spanish Speaking – Hillview, 3rd Floor.  An open house with Health Commissioner Bevan Baker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is in the works.  Stay tuned!

B.  MLHC Forum

  • The Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition quarterly forum was held on May 12th, 2011.  Its focus was the Cleaner Valley Campaign.  Those who attended from MHAT presented a brief overview and evaluation of the forum and a simulation done to portray real-life experiences of living with asthma as an impoverished teen, adult, or parent.  Also, a major success of the Cleaner Valley Campaign: We Energies has announced their intentions to convert the coal-fired power plant in the Menominee Valley to natural gas!  Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly to make such improvements to this plant that has been known as the oldest and dirtiest with the densest population living around it.  The Cleaner Valley Campaign will be meeting with the EPA in June in Chicago.  The Sierra Club will be bussing people to the meeting.

C.  Spanish WarmLine Update

  • Continued discussion on how best to proceed with Spanish-Speaking WarmLine.  Logistics (location, telephone line) still to be determined.  Discussion about potential funding sources to provide for financial reimbursement to Warmies, telephone bills, etc.  We have four enthusiastic monolingual Spanish-speaking women already trained and awaiting the initiation of this service.  Interpreters from MATC are standing by to assist.

D.  2011 Objectives & Goals

  • Discussion of MHAT objectives and goals were tabled for next MHAT meeting on June 16th, 2011.


Next MHAT Meeting: Thursday June 16, 2011 from 9:00am-10:30am at CUPH – Community Education Room

Minutes submitted by Melissa Waldo

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.

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