April 21, 2011 

Mental Health Action Team 

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00am-10:30am

Location of Meeting: Center for Urban Population Health-Community Education Room

Present: Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Melissa Waldo (SSCHC), Luke Waldo (SFPC), Julia Lechuga (MCW), Sylvia Cortez (MMHC), Stacy Grams (UCC), Maria Santos (UWM), Sara DeBruin (Sebastian Family Psychology Practice), Martina Gollin-Graves (Mental Health America of Wisconsin), Trishla Shah (Disability Rights Wisconsin)

Approval of  previous meeting minutes (Motion by Melissa Waldo and Martina Gollin-Graves)

A.    Announcements

  • Melissa Waldo volunteered to take minutes next meeting
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon–Next meeting will be Wed May 11. Julia Lechuga will attend next meeting. Luke explained the importance of our presence at the luncheon. Last luncheon a MHC representative distributed the resource card. The primary aim is to network, introduce ourselves, and represent the MLHC. Next luncheon will be July 13th.
  • Update on Latina monologues and the distribution of Resource cards. Sylvia Cortez attended the Latina monologues. The resource card that was made available at the Latina monologues event was not updated. Leslie will provide more information about the subject next action team meeting. However, the goal of distributing cards was accomplished. Sylvia indicated that attendance from the general population was good.  Martina Gollin-Graves has extra resource that she is willing to share.
  • Status on printing resource cards. Martina Gollin-Graves conveyed the concern that we are printing resource cards too often without ensuring that we distribute all the cards printed previously first. The feeling that we may be wasting resources was conveyed. The need to coordinate printing with card updates was identified. Gabriela Dieguez and Martina Gollin-Graves indicated that twice a year may be a good printing goal. Luke Waldo offered to engage in a discussion with MHAT members (e.g., Leslie and Katherine) who have worked since the beginning on the production and distribution of the resource card to come up with reasonable goals for printing times and numbers. Martina Gollin-Graves updated the group regarding her agency’s available funding to print.
  • Update on bienestarmilwaukee.com. Leslie and Ana Paula have been discussing the potential for a collaboration to use funding to update the page that houses the resource card. Leslie will update MHAT about the status. Luke Waldo gave a brief overview of bienestarmilwaukee.com and asked members to refer anyone who can volunteer to format the page. A MHAT member indicated that a person had already agreed to volunteer to format the page. Trishla Shah offered to learn the skills and volunteer as long as someone can train her regarding the skills needed. Luke will try to find someone who can be willing to provide Trishla Shah a crash course on web design.
  • Sylvia Cortez and Julia Lechuga conveyed their interest in serving as co-leaders. Luke asked Sylvia and Julia to write a brief summary about their interest in serving as co-leaders. The email will be distributed to MHAT members to vote to select the next co-leader. If group members have questions about the process please email Luke.
  • MLHC forum is coming up May 12th from 3:30 to 5:00. Reminders will be sent out. MLHC has three annual meetings and one of these is a forum. This year the forum will be much more interactive and will focus on the Cleaner Valley Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to pressure WE energies to revert to clean energy use at its plant centered on the South Side. Volunteers are needed for the forum to help set up the room and sign in attendees. The forum will take place at Church and Chapel. Luke will send an email with specific address.
  • Martina Gollin-Graves announced the Post Summit Work Group. The goal of the group is to explore the intersection between race and culture and how it influences access to mental health services. The group would like to increase diversity of members at the table to identify the best way to implement existing guidelines to increase Latinos’ access to mental health services. Anyone who may be interested in serving is invited. The goal is to create a pool of diverse individuals willing to serve.
  • Trishla Shah provided information about a grant obtained long ago by Disability Rights of Wisconsin to provide training for parents of children who suffer from mental health, behavioral, or intellectual disabilities. Next training will be available in English Wednesday May 25th from 5:00 to 8:00 at the Boys and Girls Club. Another training will be available in Spanish Saturday June 18 from 10:00 to 2:00 at Alianza Latina. Materials with resources for parents and children were distributed.  
  • Gabriela Dieguez will be hosting a movie night Saturday April 30th at 6:00 P.M. at Saint Bens located on 9th and State. The movie will be about immigration issues. All are invited to attend.

B.   Maria Santos–UWM–Department of Psychology

  • Maria Santos is part of a research team that is evaluating a mental health treatment for Latinos. The team needs to recruit male participants. MHAT members provided ideas to attract male participants. Members offered to refer participants. Maria Santos distributed advertisement flyers.

 C.  Warm Line update

  • English Warm Line is a mental health non-crisis peer support line housed at the Mental Health complex at Milwaukee County. Has been around for 10 years. MHAT members have been working hard to make it available in Spanish. Currently, supervision and direction of “warmies” is needed. This is holding the launch of Spanish Warm Line. Gabriela Dieguez indicated that another hold is that English Warm Line does not have a Spanish line available yet. Gabriela met with the heads of the interpreter programs at MATC and Alverno College. They are willing to collaborate by providing an interpreter on-site to direct Spanish “warmies.” Sylvia Cortez will follow up with English Warm Line maintenance people to better understand what is holding the availability of a Spanish Line (e.g., where is the problem, has the work order been submitted?) it may be a matter of logistics. Currently English Warm Line does not receive calls in Spanish. Sylvia Cortez indicated the need to advertise the availability of Spanish Warm Line given that currently English Warm Line does not receive calls from Spanish speakers.

 D.  2011 Objectives and Goals

  • With a 1/4 of the year having passed, Luke Waldo inquired about the MHAT members’ opinions regarding obstacles to accomplishing the following goals:
  • By Dec 31, 2011 provide support for Warm Line in Spanish by: being present for ongoing trainings, participating in monthly meetings with the “warmies,” recruiting more spanish speakers to participate in subsequent trainings. Luke asked the group to recommend individuals who are Spanish speakers (monolingual or bilingual) mental health consumers who may be willing to volunteer as “warmies.”
  • By Dec 31, 2011 build access to mental health support services in the community by: Promoting “mivoz.com” and “bienestarmilwaukee.com,” printing and distributing more resource cards, updating and maintaining the resources we promote. Gabriela Dieguez has sent letters requesting funding. Projects that require money need to be presented to the steering committee to help with funding sources. Luke needs information about projects to be able to present to committee. Gabriela Dieguez indicated that Alverno College has conveyed interest in having a paid MHAT member speak to an interpreters class about mental health issues. Gabriela pointed out that this can be a source of funding.
  • Luke Waldo will create a resource composed of MHAT members’ bios and materials that will allow decisions regarding topics that can be discussed at Speakers Bureau to market the mission of MHAT. Luke identified the need to have a discussion of how members can commit without overloading individual members. Martina offered to share presentations about mental health topics that she already has available.
  • Luke Waldo will meet with the steering committee regarding commitment to projects outside of the MHAT’s goals. The idea of making a calendar available with events to keep track of individual’s commitments related to MHAT was discussed. Individual taking minutes can post on Atrium a calendar of upcoming events and the name of individuals who have committed to attend.

Next MHAT Meeting: Thursday May 19, 2011 from 9:00am-10:30am at CUPH – Community Education Room

Minutes submitted by Julia Lechuga

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.