February 17, 2011

Mental Health Action Team

Meeting Minutes

Time of Meeting: 9:00 – 10:30am

Location of Meeting: Center for Urban Population Health – Community Education Room

Present: Gabriela Dieguez (SSCHC), Lindsay Schaaf (La Causa), Martina Gollins-Graves (MHA), Leslie Davis (Walker’s Point), Luke Waldo (SFPC), Sylvia Cortez (MMHC), Trishla Shah (DRW), Adriana Rodriguez (NAMI), Stacy Grams (UCC), Ursula Flores (CRC)

Approval of previous meeting minutes (Motion by Stacy)

C. Announcements

  • Next meeting March 17th Sylvia volunteered to take minutes
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Gabriela and Leslie went to the luncheon 2nd Wednesday of the month at UCC.  Discussion about how we could share the responsibility to be present once a month.  Most members present do not have the time but we could do a commitment to go every other month.   Agreed to check during meeting who can go the following month.  Next one is March 9th -Ursula will go.
  • Jewish Social Services has a series about Depression and are interested in having a    Stacy added information about how they have two Spanish speaking trained people doing suicide assessments using  QPR .  Sylvia is interested in doing the presentation.  Gabriela will follow up with Martina to gather all the details.  Discussion how important will be to participate in Jewish Social Services.
  • MHAT leadership changes.  We are in need of a co leader for group now that Katherine will be on maternity leave.  Luke provided information about the responsibilities that entails participating in steering committee meetings, answering e-mails and planning how coalition moves along.
  • Leslie and Gabriela were interviewed by Maria Cameron Diaz and they provided information about the coalition.
  • Stacy UCC Senior Center will expand hours until 3:30  They are looking for volunteers to share their talents and cover one hour a month. Elsa Mercado is coordinator of volunteers.
  • Trishla shared information about Dissabilty Benefits Specialist Program for people who are applying for disabilities or have been denied services.  SDC is handling help for rent once a month economic help. 

D. Warmline update and discussion of future needs

  • Warmies (4) ended training on Tuesday 15th, 2011.  “Warmies” created community among each other and the participants self esteem and enthusiasm has grown greatly.  Gabriela and Leslie are meeting with Lynn and Becca to coordinate logistics.  The idea is that Spanish “warmies” could do Sunday evening and take two turns in a month.  Once a month “warmies” need to participate in a general meeting – we are hoping we all can take turns to help.  There will be the need to create a space to talk about the cultural issues related to Latinos.  Leslie explained that the English calls are very different than what can be expected from Spanish speakers.  Leslie explained that the hope in Spanish will be to give resources, problem solve and if they call again to follow up on what have they done.  Discussion about the ideas presented by Leslie.  
  • Leslie explained that now observing the growth in the “warmies” she sees the possibility for more of her clients to join and is the grassroots of mental health promoters.  
  • Sylvia shared her experience of receiving calls and how what we advertise might be a guideline to what type of calls are received.   Sylvia might be able to joining the meeting on Monday 2/21
  • Second Wed of every month evening to be shared among all members of Mental Health Action Team.   Luke will look into creating a calendar to sign out to help the process.
  • Questions -Will 15 minutes be enough?  Where will hot calls go in Spanish?  Start date? Location? Identify bilingual supervisor?  Cultural sensitivity/flexibility?  Who carried out all the Warmline coordination not to be done in this meeting.  One dinner a month with all warmies support?   Future next training and recruitment.

E. 2011 Objectives and Goals

  • WarmLine Resources- Warmies will need resources. Possibility to use mi voz.  March 8 Leslie will go to radio show “Desayunando con Maria”.  Possibility of uploading information to the mlhc.org and have links to a Recursos.com.  Discussion on what it means to have a page and who will be responsible to update and maintain.  We will need permission from Steering Committee to get a place on the web for resources.
  • Gran D- 1/2 hour mental health radio show once a month.  Let’s find funds stage.  La GranD will do it.  Aurora is considering it to pilot.  This will be a goal for the next year.
  • Calendar with target dates and list of needs in order to volunteer and share responsibilities.
  • Speakers Bureau- continue
  • Protest noted about Atrium not being too friendly.

F. Blog on Atrium regarding Mental Health Complex –  We need more information.

Next Meeting

Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 9:00-10:30am at the Center for Urban Population Health – Community Education Room

Minutes submitted by Gabriela Dieguez

The mission of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is to improve the health and well being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.