The members represent community residents and organizations located in or serving the City of Milwaukee who have an active interest and commitment in promoting the health of the Latino community. The goal is to include adequate representation of key stakeholders’ concerns and viewpoints to help achieve the Coalition’s mission and goals. There are three levels of membership: Active, Affiliate and Sponsor.

1. Active Member

  • An Active Member participates in at least one Action Team and attends at least 6 meetings per calendar year (these can be a mix of Action Team and general Coalition meetings).
  • An Active Member plans, implements, and evaluates Action Team activities.
  • It is encouraged that Active Members attend regular Coalition meetings.
  • An Active Member votes on issues affecting the full Coalition.
  • Meeting attendance will be reviewed each January for the previous calendar year. An Active Member who does not attend at least 6 meetings will be moved to an Affiliate Member with the option of reinstatement request to the Action Team Leader.
  • Term/Resignation:  An Active Member can serve in an Action Team for as long as desired.  She/he shall terminate her/his membership by submitting resignation to Action Team Leader. The Leader will make a note of resignation in minutes and forward to Secretary for record keeping.

2. Affiliate Member

  • An Affiliate Member is not part of an Action Team and attends the general Coalition meetings.
  • An Affiliate Member can move to being an Active Member by joining one of the Action Teams.
  • An Affiliate Member receives Coalition meeting minutes and newsletter.
  • An Affiliate Member can offer his/her opinions during meetings and via email correspondence.
  • An Affiliate member does not have voting rights.

3. Sponsor

  • A Sponsor is any interested individual, organization, foundation, or business who provides direct or in-kind financial support and volunteers at MLHC activities.
  • A Sponsor does not vote on full Coalition issues.
  • Term/Resignation:  A Sponsor shall terminate membership by submitting resignation to the Steering Committee Chair.

To become an Active Member, please complete the Membership Form and send to Stephanie Calloway,

*Information for this page taken from the MLHC 2009 Bylaws.