About Us

“Coming together, creating change”

We Are Community

The Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition has brought together professionals from various organizations and community leaders from all walks of life.  We are creating space for everyday people to discover and use their leadership skills to improve health in our communities.  We believe that by increasing collaboration between organizations and community leaders, we will improve the health of the Latino community and the larger community in general.

We Are Powerful

The MLHC is building collective power to move individuals and communities to better health.  We are responsible for identifying issues that most affect our health and taking action to address those issues.  We believe that when we organize our communities around the same issues, we will be more powerful to effect the change we want.

We Are Holistic

The MLHC recognizes that health is determined by a variety of factors.  In order to be healthy, we need to implement a comprehensive strategy to address the issues of our community, such as access to care, immigration, socio-economic status, education, built environment, and racism.  We expect to live in a community where there is equal distribution of resources to ensure that everyone has opportunities for complete physical, mental and social well being.

Our Mission

To increase the health and well being of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.

Our Vision

Together we transform communities to improve Latino health.

Social Media

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